Paddle Wheel Pack for TT Gearbox Motor

Paddle Wheel Pack for TT Gearbox Motor

Paddle Wheel Pack for TT Gearbox Motor

ADA 3864


Paddle wheel assembly for TT motor.

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Need a great workout solution or a colorful pop for your little robot friends? This set of paddle wheels for TT engine is composed of 3 fun candy color wheels with a press-fit design to make the connection super fast and easy. Although they seem to be designed for a paddlewheel configuration, we like them because they fit securely on TT motor shafts and provide a ton of simple attachment points. Use hot glue, strong tape to attach what you want.

They're not good for rover robot wheels, they're a little too thin for that. We have TT motor wheels if you need them: check the Thin White Wheel or Skinny Wheel.

Note: These impellers are only intended for use with'TT' DC motors and colours may vary!

Wheel dimensions (from the largest to the smallest) :

    Diameter : 72mm / Width (radius excluded) : 1.5mm / Total width : 10mm
    Diameter : 52mm / Width " " : 1.5mm / Total width : 9.7mm
    Diameter : 34mm / Width " " : 1.4mm / Total width : 9.7mm


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