Adafruit WINC1500 WiFi Shield with uFL Connector

Adafruit WINC1500 WiFi Shield with uFL Connector

Adafruit WINC1500 WiFi Shield with uFL Connector

ADA 3654


A WiFif shield for Arduino based on ATWINC1500 with uFL connector.

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Connect your Arduino card to the Internet with this WiFi shield equipped with the ATWINC1500 FCC-certified Atmel ATWINC1500 module. This 802.11bgn compatible WiFi module is the best new feature for networking your devices, with SSL support and incredible performance.

The Adafruit ATWINC1500 WiFi Shield uses the SPI to communicate and a little bit of GPIO for control, so with about 6 wires, you will be able to use it. For now, the library provided by Atmel works best with SAMD21 cards like the Arduino Zero or Metro M0 Express, or the Arduino Mega. It works well on Uno but uses almost all the memory, so it can be difficult to build complex projects. It will not work on other Arduinos such as 32u4 or attiny based cards. You can clock data as fast as 12MHz for fast and reliable packet streaming. And the scan/network connection is very fast, a few seconds.

This module works with 802.11b, g or n networks and supports WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption. You can use it in Soft AP mode to create an ad-hoc network. For secure client connections, there is TLS 1.2 support! This version of the shield comes with an uFL connector to attch antenna.

This WiFi module with SPI protocol is currently the best way to add WiFi to your Arduino card. So we decided to do a practical shield. The shield comes with a level offset on all input pins, allowing you to use it with 3V or 5V logic cards. A 3.3V voltage regulator that can handle peaks of 300mA allows you to supply 3 to 5.5VDC. There are also 3 LEDs that you can control on the SPI interface (part of the library code) or that you can have controlled by the Arduino library. They light up when connected to an SSID, or when transmitting data.

We have also put a micro SD card support, you can use it to host or store data. Arduinos based on the ATmega328 (like the UN) cannot use both the WiFi module and the SD library, they are too small. Switch to a Metro M0 Express for a big leap in memory!


Product Dimensions: 68.0mm x 53.0mm x 4.7mm / 2.7" x 2.1" x 0.2"
Product Weight: 13.7g / 0.5oz



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