Digital sensor with TCN75A

Digital sensor with TCN75A

Digital sensor with TCN75A



A digital sensor ideal to measure the temperature.

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It is a support plate for the famous TCN75A Microchip Technology Inc., a digital temperature sensor, and it includes all external components required by the sensor.
Its small size (19x15mm) and its very light (only 1.1 g) weight make it the ideal device for small robots and temperature monitoring systems.

The TCN75A is a temperature sensor digital capable of reading temperatures from-40 ° C to + 125 ° C. The temperature data is measured by a sensor integrated and converted to 12-bit digital Word 9 configurable by the user through a converter analog digital (Sigma Delta Analog to Digital Converter).

The TCN75A notifies the host controller when the ambient temperature is higher than a set point programmed by the user. This alert output is programmable either as a simple comparator (ideal for one thermostat function) or as an interruption (ideal for a microcontroller).

Note that to save energy sensitive applications, it is possible to pause the sensor, which reduces the current less than 2uA, and it is also possible to use the sensor in one shot.

Communication with the sensor is directed through a compatible two-wire bus of standard protocols (ie. I2C), which allows to control up to eight devices on a single bus series.

By default, the map is on? the slave address "(MSB) 1001000 (LSB)", but the three low bits (A2, A1, A0) are selectable by the three visible jumpers on the circuit board.


Typical applications are:

  • personal computers and servers
  • Office equipment
  • devices of the robot
  • monitoring of the environment.

The circuit includes: the PCB with the welded TCN75A and two 5-point connectors circuit (a right and one elbow 90 °)


  • Power supply: 2, 7V to 5, 5V 
  • Consumption: 0.2 my in nominal / 0.5 Ma
  • Measuring temperature range:-40 ° C to + 125 ° C ± 1 ° C
  • Resolution: 0,0625 ° c.
  • Interface: I2C
    Dimensions 19 x 15 x 3 mm (without plug)
    Weight 1.1 g?

Arduino library

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