Micro Servo Motor has rotating continuous - FS90R

Micro Servo Motor has rotating continuous - FS90R

Micro Servo Motor has rotating continuous - FS90R

ADA 2442


A micro Servo Motor has continuous rotation to move your little robot.

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Need to do a little robot? Micro servo turns 360 degrees completely forwards or backwards, rather than move to a single position. You can use any code for servo standard, material or library to control these servos. Ideal for making simple mobile robots. Comes with five horns and screws, as shown.

Ideal for beginners who want to move things without building a motor with feedback controller and transmission, even more than that will go in small places. Of course, it is not as powerful as a standard servo. Works well with the Motor Shield for Arduino, our Servo Driver 16 channels, or simply by clicking with the Servo library.

To control with an Arduino, we suggest to connect the wire control orange to pin 9 or 10 and using the Servo library included with the Arduino IDE. The position "90" (1.5 ms pulse) car to a halt, "180" (2ms pulse) full speed ahead, "0" (1 ms pulse) is full speed backwards. 


  • No-load speed: 110RPM (4.8v) / 130RPM (6v)
  • Current (no-load) current: 100mA (4.8v) / 120mA (6v)
  • Stall torque (4.8v): 1.3 kg / cm / 18.09 oz / in
  • Stall torque (6v): 1.5 kg / cm / 20,86 oz / in
  • Load current: 550mA (4.8v) / 650mA (6v)
  • "Dimensions: 32mm x 30mm x 12mm / 1.3"x 1.2"x 0.5"
  • Cable length: 240mm / 9.4 "weight: 10g"
  • Number of teeth: 21


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