PyCom loyal 1.0 - LoRa + WiFi + wheat

PyCom loyal 1.0 - LoRa + WiFi + wheat

PyCom loyal 1.0 - LoRa + WiFi + wheat

ADA 3339


PyCom loyal card with Python development and connectivity Lora, WiFi, and wheat.

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With the LoRa, Wifi and bluetooth wheat, Pycom loyal is the only microcontroller with MicroPython support on the market today - the platform IoT of ideal company for your connected objects. With the last Espressif ESP32 chipset, the loyal offers a combination of power, ease of use and flexibility. Create and connect your objects everywhere. Quickly.


  • Powerful processor, wheat and WiFi. Scope of 1 km in Wifi
  • Can also be used as a gateway LoRa Nano
  • Active microPython, the Linux of IoT for rapid deployment
  • Installs easily on a breadboard (with headers)
  • Ultra-low consumption (850uA with the active WiFi connection)
  • Programmable 100% in Python
  • Many GPIO, interfaces and devices
  • Acceleration hardware floating-point
  • Python multi-threading

The loyal can act both as LoRa Nano Gateway and multi-porteur (LoRa, WiFi and wheat) development platform. It is programmable with MicroPython and with Pymakr IDE for rapid development of IoT applications. The best way of deployment and access to new networks LPWAN in Europe, the USA, Africa and India.

Documentation: Pycom Quickstart guide

Note: This card is not sold with the headers


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