Hall effect sensor - US5881LUA

Hall effect sensor - US5881LUA

Hall effect sensor - US5881LUA

ADA 158


A hall to detect one sensor magnet.

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The hall effect sensors detcter when a magnet is nearby. They are used to make switches without contact/waterproof or rotary encoders.

It can be fed between 3, 5V and 24V. Power on pin 1, the mass on the pin 2 and wire pin 3 to a resistance of 10K pull-up until the power supply. When you approach a magnet of the Hall effect sensor, pin 3 will switch the mass, otherwise it will be to the supply voltage through the pull-up resistance.


  • Length: 1.51mm/0.06in
  • Width: 4.08mm/0.16in
  • Height: 3.00mm/0.12in
  • Weight: 0.1g/0.004oz



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