Capacitive touch sensor - AT42QT1010

Capacitive touch sensor - AT42QT1010

Capacitive touch sensor - AT42QT1010

ADA 1374


A simple capacitive touch sensor to implement!

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This breakout card is the easiest way to add a sensor capacitive tactive for your DIY project. No need for micro-controller to activate it, just feed it between 1, 8V and 5.5 V DC and taoucher the sensor to activate.

When a capacitive load is detected (ex: a person touches the sensitive area of the sensor), the LED lights up and the output goes to a high State. You can m ^ solder me a wire on the pin of the middle and create your own touch area if that integrated is not sufficient.

If you want to save energy, the LED can be disconnected from the output pin (cut the brand enters the jumper marked). This breakout card was designed to be the most reactive in "fast mode" and consumes about 0, 5mA. You can activate the mode "ultra low" by cutting another jumper, the pad will be less recatif, but about consume 50µA.

The card is sold assembled and tested with a jack plug not welded.


  • Dimensions: 20mm / 0.8 "x 28mm / 1.1"
  • Weight: 1.87 g


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