Thermocouple Type - K insulation fiberglass - K

Thermocouple Type - K insulation fiberglass - K

Thermocouple Type - K insulation fiberglass - K

ADA 270


A Type-K Thermocouple with insulation fiberglass for measurements of temperature up to 500 ° C.

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Thermocouples are often used to measure temperatures that can go above 100 ° C. The above allows to measure the temperature of the air or surface. Most cheap thermocouples have a vinyl covering that can melt at about 200 ° C, this one uses a fiberglass braid so that it can be used in measurements of high temperature, such as heaters and ovens. There is a small piece of duct thermoretractable on the end to avoid to the fiberglass of is effilochager. If you use at temperatures above 250 ° C, then remove it with a small blade.


  • Type-K thermocouple with fiberglass insulation
  • Good up to 500 ° C (900 ° F)
  • Cables with colour coding
  • Length: 1 m / 39.5in
  • Thickness: 2.18mm/0.09in
  • Weight: 7.18g/0.26oz
  • Use with a amplifier for thermocouple type K - AD8495 (for example)


Thermocouple Lets use the Seebeck effect!


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