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White lozenge Mifare Classic 13.56 MHz RFID NFC

White lozenge Mifare Classic 13.56 MHz RFID NFC

White lozenge Mifare Classic 13.56 MHz RFID NFC

ADA 360


A pastille of white contained a tag RFID NFC Mifare classic 13.56 Mhz.

Guarantee of quality This product is an official product of the brand Adafruit

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La Poste - So Colissimo

La Poste - So Colissimo

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This product is a white lozenge containing a tag RFID NFC Mifare classic 13.56 MHz, this product is often used to achieve identification of clothes in laundries, or another necessiatnt a identification system a small RFID Tag. The tag contains an NXP S50 circuit and an antenna, it is powered by the reader/enregistereur tag as soon as it is placed within a reasonable distance.

This door keys can be read by most of the RFID/NFC 13.56 MHz readers, but be sure that it accepts MiFare products well.

The RFID chip has a 1 EEPROM memory KB it is possible to read and write up to 100000 times, there is also a VAT registration only of 4 bytes which is available in read only.


  • S50 chip specification:
  • Permanently EEROM 1 KiloByte (8 KiloBit) memory
  • Integrated with a 48-bit key encryption engine
  • Identifying single 4 Byte (read-only)
  • Frequency 13.56 MHz

Tag specification:

Dimension: diameter 25.4 mm x 1 mm

  • Weight: 0,9g
  • Sensing distance: up to 5 cm


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