GP2Y0D810Z0F infrared obstacle detection sensor

GP2Y0D810Z0F infrared obstacle detection sensor

GP2Y0D810Z0F infrared obstacle detection sensor



A sensor to detect an obstacle easily.

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The GP2Y0D810Z0F is a distance measurement sensor, consisting of an integrated combination of PSD (position sensitive detector), ired (diodes emitting infrared) and a signal processing circuit.
The output voltage of the sensor remains high where an object exists in the specified distance. This sensor can also be used as a proximity sensor.

The reflectivity of the object, the temperature of the environment and the operating time influence not easily to the distance measurement due to the adoption of a method of triangulation.

The output of the sensor has a MOSFET mode Open Drain, which allows d ' feeding a relay and other elements using voltages up to 60 v and a current of operation up to 115mA.

Note that to save energy sensitive applications, it is possible to pause the sensor, which reduces the current 5uA.

This card has a conecteur 0.1 "(2,54 mm) No, this way it is easy to use with maps prototypes and also with breadboard."

The circuit includes: the PCB circuit with the GP2Y0D810Z0F ? welded and two connectors 5 points (a right and one elbow 90 °)?


  • Contactless switch
  • Obstacle detection
  • Robotics
  • Navigation


  • Power: from 2.7V to 6.2V
  • Consumption: 5 my in nominal / 0.5µA in veilleOUT
  • Sensing distance: 10 cm
  • Driving MOSFET: 60V / 115mA
  • Dimension: 18.4 x 14.9 x 10.4 mm?
  • Weight: 1.7 g


  • VCC: Power 2, 7V to 6, 2V
  • OUT: Output Signal (detection of obstacle to 0V)
  • SLP: Entrance to fly standby (standby = GND)
  • FET: Output mode Open Drain MOSFET
  • GND: mass



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