Multiplexer I2C - TCA9548A

ADA 2717


A multiplexer I2C connector for multiple devices with the same address i2C.

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You have found the ideal sensor I2C and you wish to connect several on the same Arduino? You know that we cannot use the same I2C address on a single I2C bus and your sensors have a fixed I2C address? This component is made for you!

The multiplexer I2C - TCA9548A module will allow you to use up to 8 I2C components with the same address on a single I2C bus.

For this just send a single bit I2C address between 0 x 70 and 0x7F to turn the corresponding port and after he active ets. In theory, we can even mount 8 modules TCA9548A on another to control up to 64 items with the same I2C address.

This module is compatible with the breadboard to the level of the spacing of the pines, there is a 3V3 and 5V compatible diet and it was sold with two connectors 1 X 12 hearders.


Weight: 1.8 g
Addresses I2C selectable 0 x 0 x 77 70


Adafruit TCA9548A 1-to-8 I2C MUX Breakout


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