Adapter I2C or SPI for LCD display

Adapter I2C or SPI for LCD display

Adapter I2C or SPI for LCD display

ADA 292


An adapter ideal to connect a LCD display through an I2C or SPI affair.

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This adapter connects directly to the back of an LCD display to be able to interface it I2C or SPI, this allows to reduce the number of pins used? are for the display of your DIY editing function.

This product uses a MCP230008 port expander which allows to reduce dialogue 2 pins for the I2C and a 74HC595 to reduce to 3 pins for the SPI connection.

This product works with most viewers 8 x to 40 x 4 characters 1 character alphanumeric LCD.

Links and feeding can be wired directly to the adapter or with the terminal block screw supplied in the kit.


  • Power supply: 5V
  • Liaison: SPI or I2C
  • I2C addresses: Configurable by soldering jumper



Use and Arduino libraries:

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