SSOP20-SOIC20 to DIP adapter

SSOP20-SOIC20 to DIP adapter

SSOP20-SOIC20 to DIP adapter



Circuit to transform a SSOP20 socket? or SOIC20? to DIP.

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SSOP20-SOIC20 to DIP adapter is a card double sided that allows the Assembly of integrated circuits 8-20 Pin SSOP on one side or 8-20 pin SOIC IC mounting the other side, in both cases, all signals are routed to a step to 0.1 "(2,54 mm)."

This adapter allows to adapt the components sold only in SSOP or SOIC socket on the breadboard or prototype cards.

SSOP20-SOIC20 to DIP adapter? comes complete with two connectors required for proper use of the card.


  • Dimensions: 1.0 "x 0.7" (25, 4mm x 17, 78mm)?
  • Weight: 1.4 g without connectors)
  • No SOIC: 0.05 "(1,27 mm)"
  • SOIC body: 0.295 "(7.5 mm)
  • No SSOP: 0.025 "(0,635 mm)"
  • SSOP body: 0.209 "(5.3 mm)


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