USB C Jack to USB A Jack Round Panel Mount Adapter

USB C Jack to USB A Jack Round Panel Mount Adapter

USB C Jack to USB A Jack Round Panel Mount Adapter

ADA 4259


A USB-C USB A connector passes through a partition with a round hole.

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If you need to add a panel mounting connection for USB C, but don't have the time or tools to cut a custom oval or square hole, this USB C to USB A round plug for panel mounting is the easiest and fastest way to turn your project into a panel. Its diameter is about 30 mm, so you can drill a hole in your wood, plastic or metal with a hole saw or drill bit, no special shape or file is required. Unscrew the plastic nut, insert the plug and replace it. Ta-da! Now you have a USB C to USB A adapter!

On the'outside' side is a USB C connection. Inside is a USB A connection. So it's a good solution when your device doesn't need more USB 2.0 speeds and you want to use a flexible micro-B USB cable for internal connection but want to expose a USB C port. If you have a USB host device, check this USB C to USB A adapter for host panel mounting.

It is designed to easily attach to a panel up to 16 mm (or 0.625 in.) thick, or as thin as a few mm. Perfect for adding a USB C port to your project box! We particularly like this cap for its solid body and its "indulgent" plastic lip that hides the drill hole.

Features and characteristics

Total length: about 41mm
Diameter: 30mm


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