Waterproof DS18B20 temperature sensor

Waterproof DS18B20 temperature sensor

Waterproof DS18B20 temperature sensor

ADA 381


A digital and waterproof connection One Wire temperature sensor.

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It is a hardwired version-sealed Sensor DS18B20, which handy if you need to perform a measurement of remote temperature or in wet conditions. Although the sensor can measure up to 125 ° C, we recommend that you limit yourself to 100 ° C. Since this sensor is digital, you can use it over a long distance without deterioration of information. This One Wire sensor is accurate to 0.5 ° C on a part of the measuring range with a scanning on 12 from bits of internal CANCER. It works on most of the microcontroller and requires only a single pin, you can m ^ connect me several on the same pin since each sensor has a unique 64-bit written in hard at the factory address. This pateur works as well in 3, 3V and 5V.

The only downside it ets this sensor uses protocol Dallas 1-wire which is quite complex, but heuresusement the library exist already for Arduino.

The sensor is sold with a resistance of 4, 7kohm to serve pull-up between the line of DATA and the VCC.

For use on arduino, we recommend the bookstore Dallas Temperature Control Librarywhich requires the library OneWire Library.


Cable and protection:

  • Tube stainless steel 6mm diameter and long 3amm
  • Cable 36 '' long or 91cm and diameter 4mm
  • Contains a Sensor DS18B20
  • If the sensor has 4 wires: red to connect between 3V and 5V, black to ground, white for the data and the made of metal is connected to the shield.
  • If the sensor has 3 sons: Red to connect between 3V and 5V, black or blue ground, white or yellow for data.

Sensor DS18B20:

  • Measuring range:-55 to 125 ° C (-67 ° F to + 257 ° F)
  • Configurable from 9 to 12-bit resolution
  • Connection: One Wire with one data wire
  • Identifying unique 64-bit
  • Several possible sensors on the same pin
  • Accuracy: ±0, 5 ° C from-10 ° C to + 85 ° C
  • Temperature alarm limit
  • < 750 ms response time
  • Can be used in 3, 3V and 5V



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