Circuit Playground Express Enclosure

Circuit Playground Express Enclosure

Circuit Playground Express Enclosure

ADA 3915


An ideal case for the Playground Express Circuit

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More info

This minimal but elegant acrylic case will transform your Playground Express Circuit card into an electronic snowflake. The housing is designed to fit securely into place without tools. You can always press all the buttons and slide the switch with a clever plastic widget inside. The case wraps around all touch pads so you can always touch them or attach crocodile clips.

At the back, we have two slots that can be used to pass through a tape or strap up to 1" /2.5mm wide. There is also a 1/4"-20 thin nut that is embedded in the center of the back. This is compatible with any camera mounting accessory, so if you need a solid mount, you can use any camera positioning tool or tripod.

As it is clear, you can see all NeoPixels shine in bright colors. The light sensor also works very well and the box will not block incoming or outgoing IR messages. Even if there are no holes for the microphone or speakers, the audio passes through the case through various small openings - we have tested it and the difference is barely visible.

This box is only compatible with the Playground Express Circuit!

This case will protect your Playground Express Circuit from daily use, but it is not waterproof and does not withstand the elements. This product comes in the form of 2 plastic halves molded with the buttons in place. No cards, cables or accessories are included.

Technical details

    Dimensions (assembled): 55.5 x 52.6 x 16.3 mm
    Weight: 15.5g


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