Peristaltique pump 5V to 6V for liquid with silicone tubes

Peristaltique pump 5V to 6V for liquid with silicone tubes

Peristaltique pump 5V to 6V for liquid with silicone tubes

ADA 3910


A 5V to 6V peristaltique pump to move fluids with silicone tubes.

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Move fluids easily with this small pump that operates from 5V to 6V. Unlike most liquid pumps, it is a peristaltic type - the pump crushes the silicone tube that contains the liquid instead of pushing it directly. The final result? The pump never touches the fluid, making it an excellent choice for any food/beverage/sterile pump, such as bartenders or garden robots!

The pump is essentially a DC gear motor, in order to have a lot of torque. Inside the pump is a "cloverleaf" style roller pattern. As the motor runs, the clover presses on the tube to press on the fluid. The pump does not need to be primed and can self-prim with water for half a meter easily. You can use the motor to accelerate or slow down the flow rate and, if you reverse the motor, the fluid moves in the other direction. Works well with a power transistor (basic on/off) or with a motor driver like the L293D.

Note: The pump is equipped with a set of silicone hoses already installed and two 1/2 metre sets fixed on nozzles. Be careful, the silicone tube is not sterile. Before use, the tube must be sterilized! The included tubes also do not comply with the medical standard and are only intended for basic pump tests.

Features and characteristics

    Operating temperature: 0℃ - 40℃
    Motor voltage: 5 to 6 VDC
    Motor current: 500mA
    Flow rate: up to 100 mL/min
    Weight: 104 grams
    Dimensions: 27.8 mm diameter motor, total length 66.8 mm
    Mounting holes: diameter 3.7 mm, centre distance 50 mm
    Tube length: about 530mm / 20.8".
    Pipe diameters: inner diameter 3.5mm, outer diameter 5mm


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