Adafruit RGB Matrix Featherwing Kit - For M0 and M4 Feathers

Adafruit RGB Matrix Featherwing Kit - For M0 and M4 Feathers

Adafruit RGB Matrix Featherwing Kit - For M0 and M4 Feathers

ADA 3036


A FeatherWing specially designed to manage RGB IDC LED arrays with a Feather board based on M0 and M4.

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Ahoy! It's time to create a stunning lighting project with our new FeatherWing RGB Matrix. Now you can quickly and easily create projects with your favorite 16 or 32 pixel raster maps. Using our RGB matrix library is easy and works perfectly with any of our Feather M0 or M4.

Note: This FeatherWing card has only been tested/designed to work with the SAMD21 M0 and SAMD51 M4 Feathers. It is not intended to be used with other feathers at this time.

This FeatherWing card can be assembled in two ways. You can either solder into a 2x8 IDC connector wrapped on top, then plug in the IDC cable supplied with your matrix. This makes it easy to stack on your pen. You can also solder into the 2x10 base at the bottom of the wing, then stack your feather on top. This way, you can connect it directly to the back of the matrix.

This FeatherWing will work perfectly with any of our 16x32, 32x32 or 64x32 RGB matrices, and it is certainly the easiest way to shine and fit.

Whatever your decision, you can plug a 5V DC power supply unit into the 2.1mm DC jack. This 5V is protected against polarity reversal and is then transmitted on the other side to a 5.08 mm terminal block. An on-board controller will provide a 3.3V power supply to your Feather, so you don't need a separate battery or USB port, making it a very compact device!

Each order comes with a FeatherWing printed circuit board with surface mount parts, 2x8 IDC connector, 2x10 socket, 2.1mm DC jack, 5.08mm terminal block, and male connector.

Product dimensions: 51.0 mm x 23.0 mm x 23.0 mm x 4.0 mm / 2.0 in x 0.9 in x 0.2 in

Product weight : 3.5g / 0.1oz


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