Enviro pHAT for Raspberry Pi Zero

Enviro pHAT for Raspberry Pi Zero

Enviro pHAT for Raspberry Pi Zero



A Hat instrumented with several environmental sensors for your Raspberry PI.

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Enviro pHAT includes 4 different sensors, allowing you to measure temperature, pressure, light level, color, 3 axis motion, compass heading and analog inputs. It's up to 10 different variables!

It is ideal for monitoring conditions in your home, garage or galleon. Configure a web server with Flask and remotely monitor everything from anywhere.

As with our other pHATs, it works with all 40 pin Raspberry Pi variants - 3/2/B+/A+/A+/Zero - but using it with the Pi Zero makes it a very small set.

Features :

Temperature/pressure sensor BMP280
TCS3472 RGB light and color sensor
Two light-emitting diodes for lighting
LSM303D accelerometer/magnetometer sensor LSM303D
ADS1015 4-channel analog-digital sensor (ADC)

The kit includes
Enviro Enviro PCB pHAT assembled
2x20 0.1" (0.1") female GPIO connector
Male connector for ADC pins

Combining Enviro pHAT with our other HATs and pHATs offers almost endless possibilities: display sensor values on Unicorn pHAT, use Display-O-Tron HAT to display sensor data, display a graph of values with Scroll pHAT, and much more.

We have created a complete Python library to make using Enviro pHAT very simple.

Note: Our pHAT cards require that you solder on the collectors!

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