Mini arcade LED button - 24mm Red Transparent

Mini arcade LED button - 24mm Red Transparent

Mini arcade LED button - 24mm Red Transparent

ADA 3430


A mini arcade LED button LED m- 24mm Transparent Red ideal for retro-gaming.

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A button is a button, and a switch is a switch, but these translucent arcade buttons have their own class. Especially because they have integrated LEDs! They are the same size as the miniature arcade controls and require a 24 mm diameter hole for mounting.

The knobs are screwed on, so you can use them with a material up to ~ 15 mm thick and cover the hole even if it is not perfectly round and clean. The actuator is smooth, without a loud click, but you can feel it when you press the button. A small microswitch is pre-installed with gold-plated contacts.

Even without lighting, they are fantastic: all colours have a translucent, crystal look. As indicated, they have two SMD LEDs with integrated resistors, placed in the body of the button. Next to the switch contacts there are two additional contacts for powering/controlling the LEDs. Both LEDs are connected in series with a resistor of ~ 1K, so that you can power the LED from a microcontroller pin or directly from 5V (via USB) with a power consumption of 5mA.

Note that the red and yellow versions of these mini LEDs cannot operate at 3.3V because the LEDs are in series! 5V or more is required.

This product is the Translucent Red version of our 24mm mini LED arcade buttons.

Features & Features

  • Power supply: 5V @ 5mA   
  • Weight: 10.3g


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