Adafruit Joy cap for Raspberry Pi

Adafruit Joy cap for Raspberry Pi

Adafruit Joy cap for Raspberry Pi

ADA 3464


A cap for your Raspberry Pi Zero controller Arcarda tansformer.

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Pocket-size fun is the name of this game, with Joy Bonnet - the most fun Hat!  This cap fits perfectly on your Raspberry Pi Zero (or any other type) and gives you of the arcade controls. Once you install the adafruit script on your Raspberry Pi, the controls act as a keyboard for easy use with any emulator or media player.
Personally, we found that this cap works better with RetroPie / EmulationStation. On a Pi Zero we can emulate MAME and NES games, but other emulators that require no more than 1 GHz in speed processor will work well too, e.g. a N64 emulator won't work, there need more power!
Besides, this cap is fully assembled - no soldering at all is necessary. You may need to solder the connectors of your Pi Zero, but once it is done you are ready to use it. In theory, you can also use it with a Pi + or B + / 2/3, but it is not very practical in hand.
As you will probably pick up the Raspberry Pi during the game, we strongly recommend a comfortable housing protect! 


  • Size: 65.0 mm x 30.6 mm x 18.0 mm / 2.6 "x 1.2" x 0.7 "
  • Weight: 10.8 g / 0.4 oz


Adafruit Joy cap for Raspberry Pi


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