Adafruit DotStar high density 8 x 8 - 64 LED RGB matrix

Adafruit DotStar high density 8 x 8 - 64 LED RGB matrix

Adafruit DotStar high density 8 x 8 - 64 LED RGB matrix

ADA 3444


A matrix of 8 x 8 LED Dotstar Compact with 64 LED RGB 

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It's the smallest grid of LED at Adafruit, with 64 pixels RGB full color placed in a square of only 25.4 mm x 25.4 mm. The LEDs used are the DotStar, with their own PWM driver, so you only need two pins E / S digital to use.
But do not be fooled by their small size, each LED is incredibly bright as the DotStars / NeoPixels you know.
Arranged in an 8 x 8 matrix, each pixel is addressable individually: like the NeoPixels, the DotStar LED have a microcontroller embedded within the LED. You can set the color / brightness of each LED on a 24-bit (8 bits red, green and blue) color. Each LED acts as a shift register, by reading data from incoming color on the input pins, and then moving the previous color data output pin. By sending a long series of data, you can control an "infinite" number of LED. The PWM controller is integrated into each LED
The wiring is easy: there are two connection ports 4 - pad on the back. Solder the wires to the port of entry (+ 5V GND ClockIn and DataIn) and supply 5VDC to the terminals + 5V and ground, and then connect the CIN pin / DIN to your microcontroller. If you have hardware SPI, use the SCK and MOSI pins respectively. You will also need to connect the mass of power supply 5V to the microcontroller / Arduino. Since each LED can consume up to 40mA (it will take 2.5 Amps per Panel if all LEDs are lit in bright white!) We vosu suggest using a good power supply of 5V 2, 5A. For most uses, you will consume about 0.5 A current per Panel.
To keep the small map, we did not find small capacitors for surface on the front mount. Instead, it is a block of power / mass on the back and a 220uF capacitor that you can solder on the back for a fit perfect. There are also four mounting holes that you can use for fixing, or remove them with pliers if you want a square perfect.


  • Size: 36.0 mm x 25.5 mm x 2.6 mm / 1.4 "x 1.0" x 0.1 "
  • Weight: 3.0 g / 0.1 oz


Adafruit DotStar LEDs


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