Adafruit USB + Serial LCD Backpack Add-On with Cable

Adafruit USB + Serial LCD Backpack Add-On with Cable

Adafruit USB + Serial LCD Backpack Add-On with Cable

ADA 781


A backpack for LCD with control USB and series TTL

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Add a LCD to your project or your computer has never been easier than with this Backpack add LCD screen - we with USB and series! This circuit was designed to connect easily to the back of most screens LCD 16 x 2 or 20 x 4 and does everything you want: display text, automatic scrollbar, adjustment of brightness, contrast adjustment, creation of special characters, ignition and extinction of the cursor, etc. It can even handle the RGB backlights of LCDs with a 8-bit PWM controller. This means that you can change the background of the screen of the color you want: red, green, blue, pink, white, purple, yellow and other. On the screens no RGB, you can only adjust the brightness.

The backpack has been designed with a compatible USB AT90USB162 circuit that will listen to orders received both the USB and the link series. The USB connection is declared as a virtual serial port on Windows/Mac/Linux. For the USB connection, it works at all the speed in baud. For connecting serial TTL, the default speed is 9600 baud, but you can send a command to switch to 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 28800 or 57600 Baud (the speed is flashed in memory of the LCD lighting). All changes as the speed in baud, the backlight, brightness, the splash screen are stored in the EEPROM.

The control interface is compatible of the popular "Matrix Orbital" specification which makes this directly compatible backpack of the applications or libraries until a LCD "Matrix" like"LCD Smartie". We have just added orders days to set the size of the screen and the backlight rGB. If you do not use orders, send only ASCII codes and they will appear on the screen dircetement.


  • Compatible with all standard screen 16 x 2 or 20 x 4 as well as any screen LCD RGB Adafruit.
  • PWM for backlight control
  • Matrix Orbital support following commands:
    • Auto scroll
    • Adjustment of the transmission speed
    • Erase screen
    • Change Splash Screen
    • Auto-wrap
    • Adjusting the slider
    • Home
    • Move the cursor
    • Stressed / block cursor
    • Create custom characters
    • Registration of custom characters
    • Loading of custom characters
    • Screen On / Off
    • Luminoste
    • Setting contrast
    • Control GPIO (4)
  • Extended orders Adafruit support:
    • Set backlight RGB
    • Set the size of the LCD (up to 20 x 4)
    • Sold with a TTL cable
    • Size: 54.0 mm x 29.0 mm x 7.3 mm / 2.1 "x 1.1" x 0.3 "
      Weight: 6.8 g / 0.2 oz


USB + Serial RGB Backlight Character LCD Backpack


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