Adapter RS232-TTL 3, 3V and 5V

Adapter RS232-TTL 3, 3V and 5V

Adapter RS232-TTL 3, 3V and 5V



A RS232 to TTL adapter with logic level 3, 3V and 5V supported.

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This adapter is useful to easily connect a RS232 interface on a map having a serial port level TTL 3, 3V or 5V as a card RAduino or Raspberry PI.

This module is database MAX232 which accepts logical levels 3, 3V and 5V and meets the standard TIA/EIA-232-F. It allows to work up to 250kbit/s and has a protection in isolation speeds 1 ESD, 5kV.

The signals CTS and RTS are also cable to manage the flow controls.

The cards is sold assembled without the output connectors, 3 type of connectors are provided to adapt to most of the standards.


  • Supply voltage: 3-5, 5V
  • Supply current: 0.3ma(max) typ. (1 my max).
  • Standard series: TIA / EIA-232-F
  • Logic level: 3-5, 5V
  • Dizes: 31x35x11mm (connectors and pins included)
  • Weight: 11g / 0.39 oz
  • Operating temperature: 0-70 °
  • Connecteur: DB9 female



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