Shield Ethernet W5100 for Arduino

Shield Ethernet W5100 for Arduino

Shield Ethernet W5100 for Arduino



An Ethernet Shield for Arduino with connector for micro SD card.

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The W5100 Ethernet Shield for Arduino allows you to connect your Arduino card to the Internet in minutes. Just insert this shield on your Arduino board and connect it with an RJ45 cable (not iclus), after following a few programming steps, you can control your assembly through the Internet.

Requires an Arduino card ( not iclus)

    5V supply voltage ( provided by the Arduino board)
    Ethernet controller: W5100
    Connection speed: 10/100Mb
    Connection with arduino: SPI

This Ethernet shield has a standard RJ45 connector with integrated line transformer and Power Over Ethernet (PoE) capability.

This shield also has a micro-SD slot that can be used to store files using the SD library. The connection to the SD card is made in SPI with the SS pins on pin D4.

This shield has a reset circuit to ensure that the W5500 controller is properly initialized after power-up.

This shield has a solderable footprint to integrate a 12V PoE module


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