Wifi series ESP8266 - 1 M Flash module

Wifi series ESP8266 - 1 M Flash module

Wifi series ESP8266 - 1 M Flash module



A WIFI module in series to assess the ESP8266 chip with 1 M of Flash.

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This WIFI module is very interesting for those who want to evaluate the module WIFI ESP8266.

This has a 1 M flash memory version.

Although there are no tutorial to use this module, you can find examples on the site esp8266.com.

This module is low-cost and very easy to use. It does not support SSL, or a dialogue in SPI protocol only in serial UART. It isn't compatible 5V and it requires the signauxen 3, 3V, think to adapt your signals. In addition it lacks integrated controller, therefore provide a 3V3 300mA, the regulator this 3V3 on the Arduino is a bit light, we recommend that you use a 3V3 regulated separately.

But, despite all these small defects, he does his job, that is to say establish a liaison wifi at low cost.


Size: 21.1 x 13.2 mm x 1 mm mm
Weight: 1.5 g


Arduino code example: without Bookstore: Adafruit_ESP8266.INO

Experimental Bookstore: ESP8266_Simple

Wiki Seeedstudio: WiFi Serial Transceiver Module

Community ESP8266: esp8266.com.


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