Arduino USB 2 Micro Serial

Arduino USB 2 Micro Serial

Arduino USB 2 Micro Serial



This converter allows to realize a serial 5V on the USB part.

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This card allows to convert a USB connection in a serial RX and TX 5V, ideal to connect an Arduino Mini card or any what microcontroller requiring a binding series to interact with the computer. It includes an Atmega16U2 microcontroller programmed by USB-serial converter, it is the same track found on the Arduino UNO card. The programmed firmware uses the standard USB COM drivers and uses no extra drivers, apart from a file. INF on Windows.

The adapter has a micro-USB connector and a connector 5 points including signals RX (receiving data), TX (for the data show), + 5V, GND, and RESET. It has also LED to articles: food, RX and TX. A protection circuit to limit the current to 500mA to protect the computer USB liason.


Arduino USB 2 micro Serial

Data sheet

Tension logique (GPIO)5V
Alimentation nominale5V
Connectique pour chargementmicro USB


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