Buzzer Piezo - PS1240

Buzzer Piezo - PS1240

Buzzer Piezo - PS1240

ADA 160


A small Buzzer type Piezo to add sound effects to your editing!

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The piezo buzzer are often used to make a beep, tones or all out of sounds. It's small but powerful enough to be heard. It can be controlled with a signal square pic of 3V to 30V. For ' use, nothing more simple, just link a pin to ground (GND) and the other to a square wave from a timer or a microcontroller. It beforehand a sound between 2 kHz and 10 kHz, for more sound, it is possible to use two pines of a micro-controller and must in turn reverse the pin that gives mass to the piezo buzzer, the sound will be double.


  • Diameter: 11.90mm/0.47in
  • height: 6.53mm/0.26in
  • Weight: 0.70g/0.02oz



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