Adafruit AirLift - ESP32 WiFi Co-Processor Breakout Board

Adafruit AirLift - ESP32 WiFi Co-Processor Breakout Board

Adafruit AirLift - ESP32 WiFi Co-Processor Breakout Board

ADA 4201


A card to add an ESP32 WiFi co-processor to your project.

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Give your microcontroller project a boost with the Adafruit AirLift - an expansion card that allows you to use the powerful ESP32 as a WiFi co-processor. You probably have your favorite microcontroller (like the ATmega328 or ATSAMD51), impressive devices and many libraries. But he doesn't have built-in WiFi! So let's give this chip a best friend, the ESP32. This chip can handle all the heavy tasks associated with connecting to a WiFi network and transferring data from a site, even if it uses the latest TLS/SSL encryption (root certificates are pre-engraved in advance).

Having WiFi managed by a separate chip means that your code is simpler, you don't need to cache socket data, or compile and debug an SSL library. Send basic but powerful commands based on 8MHz SPI sockets for high-speed data transfer. You can use 3V or 5V Arduino, any chip from the ATmega328 or higher, although the'328 will not be able to perform very complex tasks or buffer a lot of data. It also works very well with CircuitPython, a SAMD51/Cortex M4 minimum required since we need a RAM package. All you need is an SPI bus and 2 control pins as well as a power supply that can provide up to 250mA of WiFi transmission.

We have placed an ESP32 module on a printed circuit board with level matching circuit, a 3.3 V regulator and a three-state chip for MOSI so that you can share the SPI bus with other devices. Delivered fully assembled and tested, pre-programmed with the ESP32 SPI WiFi coprocessor firmware that you can use in CircuitPython to use in a WiFi coprocessor on SPI + 2 pins. We also add a connector so you can solder it and connect it to a solderless breadboard.

The embedded firmware is a slight variant of the Arduino WiFiNINA kernel, which works perfectly! For the moment, the connection to Enterprise WiFi is not yet supported.

Consult our learning system guide for schematics, files and to start AirLift'in' in a few minutes!

Technical details

Product dimensions : 33.0 mm x 31.8 mm x 4.8 mm / 1.3" x 1.3" x 1.3" x 1.3" x 0.2
Product weight: 5.7g / 0.2oz


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