Adafruit RGB Bonnet for Raspberry PI

Adafruit RGB Bonnet for Raspberry PI

Adafruit RGB Bonnet for Raspberry PI

ADA 3211


A Bonnet to easily manage a Matrix RGB LED with your Raspberry PI.

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You can now create a dazzling light show with your Raspberry Pi with Adafruit RGB Matrix Bonnet. This Cap allows you to easily control the RGB matrices to create a colorful scrolling screen or mini LED wall.

This Cap is really very complete, here are some important elements:

    A simple design: Plug in the power plug, plug in the IDC cable, run your Python code!
    Protection circuit: You can connect a 5V 4A AC adapter to the HAT and it will automatically protect against polarity reversal, and for overvoltage or undervoltage!
    Integrated logic level converters: to convert the 3.3 V of the Raspberry PI to 5 V logic for matrix control.

Works with 16x32, 32x32 or 32x64 RGB LED arrays with a HUB75 connection. You can even link several matrices together for a larger display, you can link as much as you want, but the more difficult it will be to manage with a simple Raspberry PI, so keep that in mind! We recommend configurations of no more than 32x128 pixels.

Note: this HAT is only for use with RGB matrices of type HUB75. Do not use with NeoPixel, Dotstar, or other "addressable" lights.

Each order is delivered with a fully assembled cap and ready to use with all parts assembled.

The RGB LED matrix is not sold with it.

A 5V power supply is also required, not included, to power the matrix itself. The Raspberry Pi cannot do this due to strong currents. To calculate the maximum current of your installed matrix, it is necessary to multiply the width of the entire matrix by 0.12 : A large matrix of 32 pixels of need 32 * 0.12 = 3.85A or a 5V 4A power supply for example.


Product dimensions: 66.2 mm x 30.7 mm x 17.2 mm / 2.6 in x 1.2 in x 0.7 in

Product weight : 13.9g / 0.5oz


Adafruit RGB Matrix Bonnet for Raspberry Pi


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