Electric Heating Pad - 10cm x 5cm

Electric Heating Pad - 10cm x 5cm

Electric Heating Pad - 10cm x 5cm

ADA 1481


An electric heating pad with a dimension of 10cm x 5cm.

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It's hot! It's hot! Literally! Apply 5-12VDC and the stainless steel fibers of this heating fabric will warm up, creating a small heating pad. On the one hand, it's just a huge resistance. On the other hand, it is flexible, lightweight and can be wrapped around a project. Originally designed for portable heat pads, this fabric can be used for portable heat pads, weather balloons, diy-bio projects, thermal cycles for material testing, etc.

The temperature reached varies according to the voltage. This part is about 10 cm long, so consult the technical data sheets in the Technical Details tab for a table of voltage/current/temperature outputs. You can use the PWM with an N-channel power transistor if you want to have more precise temperature control.

Technical details

    Dimensions: 110.65mm / 4.35" x 70.45mm / 2.77" x 1.54mm / 0.06
    Cable length: 35.8mm / 1.4".
    Weight: 2.53g
    Insulation: Polyimide film ("Kapton")
    Polyester filament fabric and stainless steel microfiber
    Power supply: 5V DC up to 1A



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