Adafruit Metro M4 feat. Microchip ATSAMD51

Adafruit Metro M4 feat. Microchip ATSAMD51

Adafruit Metro M4 feat. Microchip ATSAMD51

ADA 3382


An Arduino compatible Metro M4 card based on ATSAMD51

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Are you ready to go? Are you really ready? Because this is the fastest and most powerful subway of all time. The Adafruit Metro M4 with the ATSAMD51 microchip. This Metro is like a high-speed train, with its 120MHz Cortex M4 floating point. Your code will be powerful and with a lot of additional peripherals for support, it will certainly be your favorite new chipset.

To start our ATSAMD51 trip, we decided to launch it with the classic "Arduino compatible" shape and the pinout you know and love. This Metro is the same size as the others, and is compatible with all our shields. It has analog pins where you expect it, and SPI/UART/I2C hardware support in the same location as Metro 328 and M0. But! It is powered by an ATSAMD51J19:

    Cortex M4 operating at 120 MHz
    Support for hardware DSP and floating commas
    512 KB flash, 192 KB RAM
    Logic and power supply 32 bits, 3.3 V
    Dual 1 MSPS DAC (A0 and A1)
    Dual 1 MSPS ADC (8 analog pins)
    6 x SERCOM hardware (I2C, SPI or UART)
    16 x PWM outputs
    I2S stereo input/output with MCK pin
    10-bit parallel capture controller (for camera/video input)
    Integrated cryptographic engines with AES (256 bits), true RNG, Pubkey controller
    64 QFN

That's a good start, right? So we put this chip on a circuit board with all these nice extras:

    Power the METRO M4 with a 7-9V DC voltage protected against reverse polarity or via the USB microphone connector on any 5V USB source. The 2.1mm DC jack has an on/off switch next to it so you can easily turn off your installation. The METRO automatically switches between USB and DC.
    METRO has 25 GPIO pins, of which 8 are analog input and two are analog output. There is one hardware SPI port, one hardware I2C port and one hardware UART. The logical level is 3.3V
    Native USB, it is not necessary to have a USB to hardware serial converter because the Metro M4 has integrated the USB support. When used to act as a serial device, the USB interface can be used by any computer to listen/send data to the METRO, and can also be used to launch and update the code via the bootloader. It can also act as a keyboard or HID mouse.
    Four indicator lights and a NeoPixel, on the front edge of the PCB, for easy debugging. One green power LED, two RX/TX LEDs for data sent via USB and one red LED connected. Next to the reset button is a NeoPixel RGB that can be used for any purpose.
    The 2 MB QSPI Flash storage chip is included. You can use SPI Flash storage as a very small hard disk. When used in Python Circuit, the 2 MB flash is used as a storage for all your scripts, libraries and files. When used in Arduino, you can read/write files, such as a small data logger or SD card, and then with our help program, access the files via USB.
    Easy reprogramming, preloaded with the UF2 bootloader, which looks like a USB storage key. Simply transfer the firmware to program, no special tools or drivers are required! It can be used to load CircuitPython or Arduino IDE (it is bossa v1.8 compatible)

We have a Arduino card that works, with many things that work, but our main goal for this card is CircuitPython - with 120 MHz, and 192KB of CircuitPython RAM really works well on this chip!

So, what are you waiting for? Get a Metro M4 today and be surprised at how easy and fast you can start using CircuitPython!


Product dimensions: 72.0 mm x 54.0 mm x 54.0 mm x 15.0 mm / 2.8 in x 2.1 in x 0.6 in
Product Weight: 20.6g / 0.7oz


Adafruit Metro M4 Express featuring ATSAMD51


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