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A small circuit to manage the power supply of your Raspberry Pi with Lipo/LiIon battery.

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The tiny LiPo/LiIon power supply for all versions of the Raspberry Pi !

We love mobile projects, but having a discreet, smooth and orderly power supply solution is always tricky. LiPo SHIM (formerly known as Zero LiPo) aims to provide you with the most compact power supply possible.

You can either solder the 0.8mm thick PCB directly to the GPIO pins on your Pi for a permanent solution, or solder to the supplied 0.1" 2x6 female connector which will allow you to remove your Zero LiPo at any time (but will block the GPIO pins).

We use the Texas Instruments TPS61232 riser converter which offers up to 96% efficiency. The card includes light-emitting diodes for powering up and low battery charging. During shutdown (due to undervoltage or external selection), the quiescent current is only 15uA sip.

MagPi described LiPo SHIM as "an excellent option to provide safe power for a portable project" with a four star rating.


0.8 mm thick PCB
Formed to posionner as low as possible on the Raspberry Pi.
2 pole JST connector ideal for most LiPo/LiIon batteries.
Low battery and power LED indicators
Supplies up to 1.5A direct current (15uA standby current)
Low battery warning at 3.4V (wired to GPIO #4)
Automatic stop at 3.0V to protect your battery.
VBAT+, GND and EN spindles available.
2x6 0.1" female connector (optional, for non-permanent installation)
Includes LiPo SHIM rubber foot.
LiPo SHIM pinout
Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3, 2, B+, A+, A+, Zero and Zero W.
Requires welding


We have installed a single line installer that will trip a clean shutdown when the low battery warning is triggered and GPIO #4 is grounded. More details are available here in the GitHub repository.


It's not a charger. You will need a separate charger to keep your LiPo/LiIon batteries charged! We recommend the Adafruit Micro Lipo or PowerBoost 1000 charger.

Functionality unchanged compared to Zero LiPo but with a 2x6 header instead of 2x4.


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