Hole plates - Bakelite - Pack of 10

Hole plates - Bakelite - Pack of 10

Hole plates - Bakelite - Pack of 10

ADA 2670


Bakelite hole plates to make your proto fixtures as you wish.

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Design your next project as you imagine with hole plates that can easily be cut with scissors such as these universal hole plates made of Bakelite!

We wanted a hole plate that was both customizable and durable, and the answer is bakelite. Like most hole plates, these plates are thin (1.2 mm) with holes drilled on a grid, each spaced 0.1 "apart. There are a few more copper pads (for mechanical connections) at both ends. And each individual hole is surrounded by copper on the bottom side.

In contrast to our classic perma-protos or breadboards, there is no default connectivity, so you have complete freedom to set up your circuits. Cut and weld!

Delivered in a pack of 10 for all your prototyping needs!


  •     Holes: 30x24
  •     Distance of mounting holes: 82mm x 62mm / 3.2" x 2.4" / 82mm x 62mm
  •     Dimensions: 70.1mm x 90.8mm x 1.2mm / 2.8 "x 3.6" x 0.05 "/ 2.8" x 3.6
  •     Weight: 8.5g


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