NeoPixel 60 LED RGB Strip LED Strip - white - 1 m

NeoPixel 60 LED RGB Strip LED Strip - white - 1 m

NeoPixel 60 LED RGB Strip LED Strip - white - 1 m


A white band of 60 RGB LED of 1 m for the brightest projects.

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This LED Strip includes 60 LED RGB type NeoPixel with driver integrated on a length of 1 m. The width is 12.5 mm with 10mm and protection if you remove the card. The FLEX PCB circuit is white in color to make it less noticeable.

This LED Strip is fabulous, but we must take account of some important parameters:

  • More led series, more this consumes, there so there count 18W approximately 3.5 A 5V mem if the theory says that 5V 2A enough. This consumption max is the most defaroble with all LEDS lit in white, but generally consumption is around 1, 3A. To avoid any concern, the key is a good food, such as the 5V 10A.
  • The density high LED with integrated driver, and having a set protocol requires a very precise timing, so privileged to the micro-controller that can make the timings of 100ns. It is possible to use it with a Arduino UNO, MEGA, Raspberry PI or any other system with a clock rate higher than 8 MHz.
  • The large number of LED requires also an important memory size, so it is advisable to use a card Arduino MEGA to enjoy healthy this RGB LED Strip.

These lED strips are really fun because you can fly independently each of the RGB LED 60, it is possible to adjust the component of each of each LED colors (red, green and blue) through a pWM integrated 8-bit per channel, 24-bit by LED. The LEDS are controlled by a shift register integrated on every lEd and string from one to the other. Therefore, it is possible to cut the strip of LEDs to the desired distance. The integrated controller has also internal PWM, which allows to maintain a value without necessarily send it permanently.


  • Dimensions: 12.5 mm (0.65 "") wide, 4 mm (0,16 "") thick with housing on 16.7 mm (0.65 ") long by segment
  • Number: 60 LED per meter
  • 1 meter (with silicone protection and reel) weight: 39g
  • Protection: IP65, removable waterproof case
  • Maximum 5V @ 60mA draw per segment of 0.65 "segment (all lights full brightness)"
  • Requirement 5VDC (not to exceed 6VDC) - no polarity protection
  • An integrated by segment, individually controlled RGB LED
  • LED wavelength: 630nm / 530nm / 475nm
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