Converter DC/DC 5V 1-TSR 1-2450

Converter DC/DC 5V 1-TSR 1-2450

Converter DC/DC 5V 1-TSR 1-2450

ADA 1065


A small converter DC/DC 5V 1 was compatible to the pinout of the 7805.

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Your power problems will be solved! Indeed, this DC/DC converter is a step-down switching regulator which has the same pinout as the regulator of the 78XX series. Even though it seems small, it integrates an excellent converter with an efficiency of 94% capable of provides a voltage of 5V 1 without needing an extra radiator.

The Traco TSR1 series has also extra features compared to a regulator 78XX, as better regulation (±2%), a standby at 2mA current, and no need for external capacitors. Its high rate of return, its low consumption standby make him the ideal companion for your montages-based batteries.

We still suggest using a capacitor 10µF on entry for stability.


  • Output 5V regulated part of a tenson of entry between 6.5VDC and 32VDC.
  • Performance up to 94 percent without adding radiators
  • Of linear regulators 78XX compatible pinout
  • Packaging in compatible SIP of TO-220 footprint
  • Integrated capacitors
  • Use temperature - 40 ° C to + 85 ° C
  • Protection against short-circuits
  • Wide input range
  • Excelennte regulation in charge
  • Very low standby current



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