Adafruit LPS35HW Water Resistant Pressure Sensor

Adafruit LPS35HW Water Resistant Pressure Sensor

Adafruit LPS35HW Water Resistant Pressure Sensor

ADA 4258


A moisture-resistant pressure sensor.

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Sometimes you need to feel the pressure in a humid environment. And sometimes you need to know the relative pressure changes as well as the absolute pressure. The LPS35HW is the pressure sensor you need to do both (or either). Combining protection against water intrusion and support for high-precision relative and absolute measurements, this sensor will do what you need. With drivers for CircuitPython, Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and support for I2C or SPI (Arduino only SPI, for now), you will measure pressure in wet situations in no time at all.

The ST LPS35HW is a water-resistant barometric pressure and temperature sensor that can also be used safely in humid environments. The sensor element is safely encased in a ceramic housing and wrapped in an impermeable gel that prevents water entering the sensor from interfering with measurements. It has no moisture resistance index, so you probably won't want to take it to the bottom of Mariana's pit, but it should work well in normal wet situations such as weather stations or high humidity.

In addition to not being afraid to get wet, the LPS35HW has 24-bit pressure data and 16-bit temperature data, which allows it to provide pressure readings with an accuracy of +/- 0.1% hPa. It can measure from 260 to 1260 hPa and can withstand a pressure up to 20 times its measuring range.

To help you take measurements as needed, the LPS35HW also offers an adjustable data rate, as well as a low-pass filter to eliminate signal noise. Finally, on-board temperature compensation ensures that your readings are always correct and do not vary with temperature changes.

We have placed this sensor on a power supply board with a 3.3 V regulator and a level matching circuit so that it can be used by 3 V or 5 V power/logical devices. A connector is also included, so you can solder it for use with a breadboard.

Note: The sensor itself is advertised as water resistant, but the card to test this sensor is not! If you want to use it in humid environments, you will have to put the rest of the board in an impermeable epoxy resin!


Pressure sensor with waterproof housing
260 to 1260 hPa absolute pressure range
24-bit pressure data output
16-bit temperature data output
ODR from 1 Hz to 75 Hz
SPI and I²C interfaces

Product dimensions: 20.5 mm x 13.5 mm x 13.5 mm x 3.5 mm / 0.8" x 0.5" x 0.5" x 0.1

Product weight : 1.2g / 0.0oz


Adafruit LPS35HW Water Resistant Pressure Sensor


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