MPRLS Ported Pressure Sensor Breakout - 0 to 25 PSI

MPRLS Ported Pressure Sensor Breakout - 0 to 25 PSI

MPRLS Ported Pressure Sensor Breakout - 0 to 25 PSI

ADA 3965


A pressure sensor carried MPRLS from 0 to 25 PSI.

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More info

We have in stock some barometric pressure sensors, perfect for altitude and meteorological measurements. This pressure sensor is special because it comes with a metal port! Unlike other pressure sensors, you can easily attach a tube to it to measure air pressure in a confined space. In particular, we believe that it would be an ideal sensor for the manufacture of "Sip & Puff" interfaces or for pressure measurement in a vacuum chamber or other pressure vessel.

Unlike most mounted pressure sensors, this one uses I2C, it is very easy to use with any microcontroller. Inside is a pressure gauge covered with silicone gel with a pre-calibrated and compensated 24-bit ADC. We have code examples and libraries for Arduino or CircuitPython/Python. You can measure the absolute pressure from 0 to 25 PSI, which is a wide range since the ambient pressure here on Earth is about 14.5 PSI.

The orifice is made of stainless steel and measures 3.7 mm long and 2.5 mm in diameter. It does not come with a hose, so make sure you buy a hose to attach it to the port.

We have placed this nice sensor on an expansion card with 3.3V power regulation and level adaptation so that you can use it with any type of microcontroller or microcomputer, from an Arduino compatible to a Raspberry Pi
Technical details

Uses I2C address 0x18
Measuring range from 0 to 25 absolute PSI
Product dimensions : 17.8 mm x 16.7 mm x 7.5 mm / 0.7" x 0.7" x 0.7" x 0.7" x 0.3".
Product weight : 1.1g / 0.0oz


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