Maker-Friendly Zipper Case - Red

Maker-Friendly Zipper Case - Red

Maker-Friendly Zipper Case - Red

ADA 3700


An ideal pocket red to store an Arduino card and a breadboard 400.

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How many pockets does a Maker OTG (On The Go) need to carry its cards, wires and other items when away from the office? The world may never know. Instead of throwing your Raspberry Pi or Metro M0 Express into the abyss of your pants, backpack or purse, you can choose a zipper case in candy-colored zipper!

We selected this model and fell in love with it because it's the perfect size for hackers and Makers who have projects they wear to events, work or school. Not too big and not too small, they are perfect for packing your microprocessor or single card computer of your choice. There's even a small pocket inside so you can put accessories such as USB cables, probes, connecting wires, extra batteries, etc. into it.

This pouch will easily fit underneath the size of 100 x 60 x 20mm (you can wear more if you don't use the pouch). We have them in a wide range of colors, so you can easily identify what is what.


  • Dimensions (closed): 117 x 78 x 42.3mm
  • Matière : Polyurethane foam / EVA / Velveteen
  • Weight : 32.0g / 1.1oz
  • Color : red


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