PIR HC-SR501 Motion Detector

PIR HC-SR501 Motion Detector

PIR HC-SR501 Motion Detector



A motion detector PIR to a range of 7 m on 120 ° with settings.

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PIR motion detectors are used to detect the movements of humans and animals within a 7-metre radius (they can also detect zombies, but this is not guaranteed). This model has a detection threshold setting of 0.3 to 18 seconds before tripping and a sensitivity setting.

It operates on a power supply between 5V and 30V DC. The output signal is 3.3V at the high state. The range is about 7m on 120°.


  • PCB dimensions: 32*24mm   
  • Distance between fixing holes: 28mm   
  • Screw hole diameter: 2mm  
  • Height (with lens): 23mm   
  • Weight: 5.87g


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