DIY Snow Globe Kit - 108mm Diameter

DIY Snow Globe Kit - 108mm Diameter

DIY Snow Globe Kit - 108mm Diameter

ADA 3722


A ball to design your own DIY electronic snow mud.

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Not just a snowball, but a show ball! This custom-made container is durable, transparent and round, with a large flat screw-on lid and a nestable rubber stopper. The cap makes a nice seal, and is also hollow which means that you can put electronics (you guessed it...)! This makes it perfect for making your own electronic snowball.

The inside diameter of the cap is about 60 mm in diameter and 13.5 mm deep, which means it has plenty of room for goodies. We chose this size because it is perfectly suited for a Playground Express Circuit or Classic Playground Circuit with a 500 mAh Lipo battery. Or if the soldering is not scary, maybe also with a 16 NeoPixel Ring with your favorite microcontroller card. You could also make it simple and throw some electric lights in there. Or, since it's so easy to disassemble, try all three!

Take a look at the many electronic guides available.

You'll need water, flakes or other snow-like materials, glycerin (to slow down water), something cool to highlight inside, and E6000 glue to make the sealing plug permanent. These items are not included, but you can purchase them from your art supplier, craft or hardware store.


  • Diameter of the globe: 108mm
  • Outside stopper diameter: 62mm
  • Height: 120mm


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