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Standard 16 X 2 LCD screen - White on blue background

Standard 16 X 2 LCD screen - White on blue background

Standard 16 X 2 LCD screen - White on blue background

ADA 181


A LCD screen 16 characters on 2 lines at base of HD44780.

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La Poste - So Colissimo

La Poste - So Colissimo

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A standard LCD 16 X 2 at base of the HD44780 controller.

  • 16 character of 2 lines wide
  • White writing on a blue background.
  • Port connection on a single line to the No 2, 54mm, ideal for a breadboard.
  • Retro-lighting led with resistance include for the limenter in 5V. If it's too bright you can add resistance or manage the backlight by PWM.
  • Programmable from only 6 pines.
  • Support for English and Japanese character sets, see the HD44780 datasheet
  • Up to 8 users for special characters or accents, Christiane.
  • Sold with a slider for contrast and a connector headers.


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