32 X 32 pitch 4mm RGB LED matrix

32 X 32 pitch 4mm RGB LED matrix

32 X 32 pitch 4mm RGB LED matrix

ADA 607


A panel of 32 X 32 LED RGB to transform your living room in Times Square!

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These LED panel are mainly used to make walls bright plubicitaires. He have 1024 RGB LED arranged in 32 X 32 LED RGB matrix, they also are Chainable it have a connector IDC entry and one exit disposed of through and through, but this will be possible with an Arduino board to base because it will run out of RAM and power.

Each matrix need 13 pins to use, 6 bit of data and 7 bits of control and a good diet, there will be a power supply 5V 2A for each LED panel.

Keep in mind that these are planned to be flown with FPGA, it don't dipsose no PWM clock generator integrated.


  • Size: 128mm x 128mm x 17mm (5.0 "x 5.0"x 0.65")
    With IDC cable and power cable weight: 170 g
    Power supply: regulated 5V, 2A max (all LEDs lit)
    Logic of entry: 3 to 5V 
    LED matrix 2000 mcd on a grid to 5mm 
    1/16 scan rate
    150 degree of visibility
    Screens chainable - connect one output on the following entry - not yet handled in the Arduino code



32 x 16 and 32 x 32 RGB LED Matrix 512 pixels of eye-blasting glory


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