Grove Shield for FeatherWing - Wio Lite

Grove Shield for FeatherWing - Wio Lite

Grove Shield for FeatherWing - Wio Lite

ADA 4357


A shield to add Grove connectivity to Feather cards

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The FeatherWing Grove Shield for Mesh Particle and all Feather cards is an add-under for many Mesh Particle or Feather board, so you can easily interface with Seeed's huge Grove sensor collection. Now you can have a complete range of hundreds of Grove modules with Particle Mesh as well as our Feather range!

Working with Grove requires no welding. Simply connect the sensors, actuators or displays into this shield via a Grove cable (not supplied), so you can concentrate on coding and manufacturing!

You will have 10 Grove connectors on this shield, including:

    4 Grove analog connectors, 2 analog pins each, 5 analog pins in total (they are per pair)
    4 Grove digital connectors, 2 digital pins each, 5 digital pins in total (they are per pair)
    1 Grove I2C connector (also suitable for our 4-pin STEMMA connectors)
    1 UART Grove connector (RX and TX)

This board has an unusual power configuration where it disables the ENable on the 3.3V controller and then has a Buck converter to generate the 3.3V from VBAT or VUSB based on the switch. This should work with all our feathers, but it's a little weird because the 3.3V power supply is not usually powered separately.

Please note that this card has been designed for feathers with our Feather 32u4 / M0 / M4 / M4 / nRF52840 / etc ! Thus, the pin numbers next to each Grove connector correspond to the pin numbering used on these feathers. That is, after the I2C spindles, the spindles go D5, D6, D9, D10, D11 in this order.

This shielding does not work with the ESP8266 Feather

If you use other feather, and only use the UART (RX/TX), I2C (SDA/SCL) or analog pins (A0-A5), the numbering will be perfect since it is the same on almost all feathers. But for digital connectors, you will need to look at and match the pin numbers of the nib you have to the Grove connection since some nibs have different digital pin numbers. Or use a multimeter to check connectivity. It's not much as long as you know you have to be careful, and it only affects the 4 digital connectors.

Technical details

    Operating voltage: 3.3 / 5V
    Operating temperature: -25℃ à +85℃
    Analog ports: 4
    Digital ports: 4
    UART ports: 1
    I2C ports: 1
    10 bocage ports
    Power Mode Switch: If you are using the USB port to power your pen, select 5V mode. If you are using the LiPoly battery, select the VBAT mode.
    Additional female pin headers
    Seeed Studio Wiki

Product dimensions: 60.0 mm x 52.0 mm x 52.0 mm x 11.5 mm / 2.4" x 2.0" x 0.5" x 0.5

Product weight : 19.6g / 0.7oz


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