Button pousoir Power Switch Breakout - Adafruit

Button pousoir Power Switch Breakout - Adafruit

Button pousoir Power Switch Breakout - Adafruit

ADA 1400


This module is a simple push button to control a switch mode supply.

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The Push-button Power Switch module is a small circuit that allows using a simple push button to control a power supply. Just press the button once to turn on, and a second press will cut off the circuit. The circuit is composed of a 3a P - FET which allows to connect or deconneter the pin IN to the OUT pin. The module works prafaitement between 3V DC and DC 14V and up to 3A.

Usage is very simple, simply connect the power supply between pins IN and GND and output between the OUT and GND pins. Then, simply press the button (or connect the pins of the button) to turn on or turn off the power, a LED to display the power state.

A pine tree Kill (off) allows to cut the allimenation m ^ if the button is pressed, this me can be very useful if you want your editing goes alone.

Him module is of the spacing of the pins for direct mounting on breadboard-compatible and it is sold mounted except for the connector and push button, are providing part but not welded.


  • Size: 20.51 mm / 0.8 "x 17.75 mm / 0.69" x 2.66 mm / 0.1 "
    Height with Switch: 8.69 mm / 0.34 "
    Weight: 2.6 g
    MOSFET: MC14093 (the NAND gate used) P-Channel Pass 


Diagram of the module Push - button Power Switch1400sch.PNG



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