Z Uno - Arduino with Z-Wave

Z Uno - Arduino with Z-Wave

Z Uno - Arduino with Z-Wave



The first Arduino compatible with Z-Wave Protocol +.

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Z - Uno is the first and only development allowing you to Board create your own Z-Wave device without knowledge in-depth Protocol and Z-Wave programming. Z Uno is a mix between the power of the home automation Z-Wave Protocol and the simplicity of the Arduino. Inspired by the Arduino project, Z - Uno inherits hardawre and software usability in order to maintain maximum flexibility.

Z - Uno is a product totally DIY. It was created for those who are limited by the choice of Z-Wave products and wish to extend their network opportunities with sensors and actuators: connect LEDs, buttons, switches, motors or any other sensor arduino-compatible.

The programming of the Z - Uno ets map produced under the Arduino IDE as for any other card Arduino.

This card is certified Z-Wave more!


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