Contactless TMP007 thermopile temperature sensor

Contactless TMP007 thermopile temperature sensor

Contactless TMP007 thermopile temperature sensor

ADA 2023


Temperature sensor I2C contactless thermopile-based TMP007.

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Contriarement to the other temperature sensors available in store, this ets at TI IR sensor for measuring the temperature of an object without touching.

The TMP007 sensor is one of the last sensor thermopile at TI, this ets an evolution of the TMP006 sensor. The calculation of the temperature is done in-house, which makes it very simple to inegrer, you can read the temperture directly in I2C. Model TMP007 has also an excellent management of stransition, which allows measurements eliminatory of temperature with big changes.

To use it, nothing more simple, just pointing the object for which you want to measure the temperature, and the sensor will calculate temperature absorbed by the IR wave.

This sensor is easy to use thanks to its connection of I2C microcontroller. The module has a regulator 3, 3V integrated and the adaptation of signals in order to use it as well under 3, 3V than 5V. 
This card is sold assembled and tested with a male connector 1 X 6 not welded.


  • (Without connector) dimensions: 20mm x 21mm x 2mm /. 8 "x. 8" x. 1 "
  • This card uses the address 7-bit I2C between 0 x 40 and 0 x 47 selectable by jumpers.


Adafruit TMP007 Sensor Breakout


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