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Analog light sensor - GA1A12S202

Analog light sensor - GA1A12S202

Analog light sensor - GA1A12S202

ADA 1384


A sensor analog brightness with logarithmic curve.

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Improve your project at base of LDR with this analog light GA1A12S202 sensor. As a lDR, this module requires not necessarily of microcontroller to operate, the analog voltage didn't out will augmnter depending on the light received on the face of the sensor. This sensor has improvements that make it best for most projects.

The main improvement over the LDR is a logarithmic scale of the light level. Most of has scapteurs of a linear scale, which siginie that are not very sensitive by entering in the dark area or in the box max brightness. It is me may need to add some resistance heels of each side to improve these areas. With this logarithmic scale sensor, don't worry, it covers a wide band of 3 to 50000 Lux, he was so sensitive to the two extremes and you can spend a very dark area in full brightness without changing the code or recalibrate.

The use of this sensor is very simple: just feed it between 2, 3V and 6V and measure the analog voltage on the output pin. It will go up to 3V max light like the Sun outdoors.


  • Power between 2.3 - 6V
  • Resistance of 68K support to have one out analog max at 3V
  • Weight: 0.2 grams
  • Dimensions: 0.4 "x 0.5" x 0.06 "(10mm x 13mm x 1.5 mm)
  • Mounting holes: 0.1 "(2.5 mm) 


Adafruit GA1A12S202 Log-scale Analog Light Sensor

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