Adafruit Monochrome lattice Driver PCB for 4 x 4 Keypad & LED 3mm

Adafruit Monochrome lattice Driver PCB for 4 x 4 Keypad & LED 3mm

Adafruit Monochrome lattice Driver PCB for 4 x 4 Keypad & LED 3mm

ADA 1616


The circuit to achieve a keyboard lattice opensource.

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Caution: This product is just the circuit driver lattice, the buttons and LEDS are not included. Lattice is a backlit keyboard opensource system. easy to use, it works with LED 3 mm. in the form of slabs, it is possible to assemble 8 to achieve a single keyboard using the same I2C bus.

This circuit is designed to work with the Adafruit 4 x 4 keypad in elastomer. Each lattice has a matrix of 4 x 4 pads for buttons and a matrix 4 x 4 location for LED 3 mm. This keyboard requires a microcontroller as an Arduino to function.

Each Panel has an I2C controller to get the support of the buttons and control the lighting of the LED. The controller can turn on or turn off LED 16 individually, but can not handle the brightness (no PWM function), it is able recover support of keys by a multiplexing of diode, not support Ghost in support of multiple simultaneous keys. Each button with a unique address.

Each Panel has 4 jumpers to configure the i2C address. It is possible to chain up to 8 panels together on the same I2C bus or 128 buttons/lights with only 2 pines I2C. The I2C bus and power supplies are divided on each side in order to facilitate the Assembly of several panels.



  • Dimensions: 60mm / 2.4 "x 60mm / 2.4" x 4mm / 0.2 "
  • This card uses I2C address 0 x 70 to 0 x 77 selectable by jumpers


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