Original EggBot: Deluxe Edition

Original EggBot: Deluxe Edition

Original EggBot: Deluxe Edition

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A fabulous open source machine to draw on eggs or speriques objects.

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The EggBot ets an opensource robot that allows to draw on an object journal about the size of a ping pong up to the size of a ball ball Christmas (between 3 and 10 cm in diameter).

The EggBot is super adjustable, and it has been designed to draw on any kind of normally impossible to "print" object. Not only on eggs, but balls of ping pong, incadescentes bulbs, small pumpkins and even glasses wine (with a bit of work). look at the pictures to discover the possibilities of custom objects with balls golf, Christmas balls, bulbs and of course eggs.

The willing of a chassis EggBot vibrates in glass with integrated cooler motor included. Engines for the rotation of the object and for the rotation of the pen are powerful and precise, step-by-step engines to lift the pencil, unn servo-motor which is used.

The EggBot is sold as a kit and it is easy to assemble, it takes only two hours to ride with a simple screwdriver. No welding is required. To use it, simply a computer siple (same old) with a USB (Linux, Windows, or Mac) and internet access for the Assembly instructions and the necessary software.

Support for standard pencil provides with the EggBot allows you to use most of the pencil and trade, a Sharpie fine tip markers is also supplied with the kit.

The EggBot is driven with an extension of the Inkscape open source software that allows to make the vector design.

To use this "egg printer", just import a drawing in Inkscape or to draw, and to then use the extension to draw the pattern on the object.

In the Deluxe version includes the following:

  • A coupler high precision for eggs
  • A hexagonal screwdriver, 5/64 inches for the Assembly and adjustment
  • Support for the screwdriver
  • Copper fasteners for more elegance and ease of installation and settings

Attention : The EggBot requires a 9V power 1 has a Power Jack plug 2, 1 mm, a power supply boc is provided with the EggBot but size, an adapter will be required (not provided)


For more information, you can visit the original page of the project The Original EggBot: Deluxe Edition and the FAQ.

For support, warranty and spare parts, please contact the manufacturer EvilMadScientist.

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